Celebrity Waiter 

The Role of the Celebrity Waiter 

The Celebrity Waiter volunteers to develop a theme and provide the decorations, costuming, and wait service for his or her table(s) and guests. You may have up to three waiters per table. If you would like to bring a larger waiter group, we will happily assign your group additional tables.

Table Theme & Costuming

The theme and costuming may be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. It can be wacky, sophisticated or anywhere in between. The only limit is your imagination! Costuming is encouraged but not required. You may choose to keep your theme a surprise or share it with our staff. Some guests like to dress to match the table theme. Some Celebrity Waiter teams prefer not to duplicate themes. We are happy to share your theme with your guests or inform you if your theme has also been chosen by another waiter team. However, we cannot guarantee that guests will dress according to theme or that themes will not be duplicated.

The Table 

Prepare to decorate 1- 60” or 72” round table and serve 8-10 guests, per 3 waiters. You provide the table covering & all decorations. The caterer provides all food, drink, dishware & cutlery. We will inform you as soon as your table is sold or assigned concerning table size and makeup (unless you are selling your own table or representing your company’s table).

A Few Tips: 

· Tip Jar – Include a tip jar in your décor plans. The People’s Choice award is based on tip totals. 
· Electricity – We cannot guarantee easy access to an electrical outlet and for safety reasons, cannot allow long lengths of extension cords across traffic areas. 
· No open flames 
· No outside food or alcoholic beverages may be provided, or consumed tableside. 
· If you are planning a more elaborate theme that includes off-table props, etc., please discuss your plan with our Logistics Coordinator, Elizabeth Smith. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Corporate Division
Guice Oilfield Services$100.00
Spring Hill State Bank$75.00
Longview Symphony$40.00
Cace Kitchen$10.00
Bancorp South$0.00
Michelle Miller$70.00
Delia Fourie$35.00
Steve Gordon$35.00
Team TCB$30.00
Aubrey Coleman$15.00
Jade Bird$0.00

Last Updated: ( Dec 15, 2020 ; 1:41 PM )

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