Volunteers are the heart of Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity!

From board members to those directly involved in construction, volunteers make a world a difference. Our volunteers build houses, raise funds, work in the administrative office, provide lunch for volunteers at the work site, work at our ReStore, serve as board members, staff various committees and do much, much more for the Longview community.

Habitat volunteers give an average of 6,500 hours in service to the organization each year! As a matter of fact, volunteers are the reason we can build affordable, decent houses. Construction of Habitat houses is made possible through the labor of our homeowners working side by side with dedicated Longview and Marshall volunteers every year.

On average, construction volunteers save the organization $70,000.00 annually in labor costs. These savings are passed directly to the homeowner.

Volunteers are needed on build and repair sites, but there are other ways you can help us fulfill our Habitat mission:

— Committees
— Bulk Mailing
— Public Speaking
— Church Liaison
— General Office
— Writing, Video, Photography
— Data Entry
— Special Events
— ReStore

And much, much more! Give us a call today at 903-236-0900 and find out how you can help.

To volunteer at the ReStore, call (903) 212-8453 or email restore@habitat.org
To volunteer at the administrative office or with one of our programs, call (903) 236-0900 ext. 204 or info@netxhabitat.org
Board member and committee volunteers call (903) 236-0900 ext 202 or director@netxhabitat.org

Corporate Division
Guice Oilfield Services$100.00
Spring Hill State Bank$75.00
Longview Symphony$40.00
Cace Kitchen$10.00
Bancorp South$0.00
Michelle Miller$70.00
Delia Fourie$35.00
Steve Gordon$35.00
Team TCB$30.00
Aubrey Coleman$15.00
Jade Bird$0.00

Last Updated: ( Dec 15, 2020 ; 1:41 PM )

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