The Hope Letters Book

A collection of 27 original writings, poems, lyrics, & stories. 

Dear Readers,

The Hope Letters is a collection of original writings, poems, lyrics, and stories of hope lost and regained.

2020 was a literal mess. A global virus propelled us into social isolation for months. The economy ground to a half, and unemployment soared. Shortages from Milk to toilet paper plagued us. Businesses closed, too many will not re-open. Then, add the social unrest that highlighted the heart-deep work we will still have to do to advance our humanity and a volatile election and it becomes easy to believe that hope took a holiday last year.

Is it any wonder that the Washington Post readers responded to the question, “Describe 2020 in one word,” with “exhausting”,”stifling”, “chaotic”, “relentless”, and “surreal”. One reader commented, “…it’s a year of missing all of the things necessary to live a good and healthy life.” Another responded, “I am just hoping to exhale (in 2021).”

But building hope has always been our business at Habitat, and it continues to shine brightly in our work. The Hope Letters was birthed to share with you the hope that shapes all our work in the community. This collection is your invitation to exhale and remember that hope always prevails.

LaJuan Gordon
Chief Executive Officer
North East Texas Habitat for Humanity
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