Liability Waivers:

All persons engaged in Habitat activities must complete a Waiver of Liability annually prior to the first day of volunteerism. Submit Adult waiver here

A Minor Waiver of Liability is provided for all minor volunteers. The minor waiver must be completed, signed and submitted by the custodial parent or legal guardian of the minor child prior to engaging in any volunteer activity. Submit Minor waiver here!

Minor Supervision:

Minors must be supervised by an adult 21+ at all times while conducting Habitat activities.

Minor Volunteer Hazardous Activity Restriction:

No one under the age of eighteen years may engage in hazardous activity while volunteering for NETHFH. Hazardous activities include, but are not limited to, the operation of power tools, powered lawn equipment, climbing or standing on ladders, scaffolding or rooftops.

Minors at the Construction Site:

The minimum age to enter the construction site is sixteen years. *exception. Minors age fourteen to sixteen may enter the site in the final stages of building and only after all active construction has been completed. For example, 14-16 year olds may help with landscaping, painting and clean up provided that building activities are not in process.  Absolutely no one under age fourteen may enter a Habitat construction site.

Minors at the ReStore:

The minimum age to volunteer at the ReStore is fourteen years. Minor-aged ReStore volunteers are subject to the Hazardous Activity Restriction, above, & Minor Supervision guideline, above.

All other Activities:

Minors under the age of fourteen (14) may participate in non-construction, non-hazardous activities designed by the organization specifically to encourage youth involvement in the Habitat mission. Some examples of this type of activity includes but is not limited to, youth specific fund raising activities, tool & recycling drives & Brush With Kindness projects. These volunteers are subject to the hazardous activity restrictions and supervision guidelines provided above.

Corporate Division
Guice Oilfield Services$100.00
Spring Hill State Bank$75.00
Longview Symphony$40.00
Cace Kitchen$10.00
Bancorp South$0.00
Michelle Miller$70.00
Delia Fourie$35.00
Steve Gordon$35.00
Team TCB$30.00
Aubrey Coleman$15.00
Jade Bird$0.00

Last Updated: ( Dec 15, 2020 ; 1:41 PM )

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